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Gentlemen - I came across your site today and wanted you to be aware of the following:

My late father, George Case, Washington Senators outfielder and major league stolen base champion 5 years in a row, 1939-43, took 8mm COLOR home movies of life in the major leagues during his career - there are approximately 15 Hall of Famer's in their prime including DiMaggio, Williams, Dickey, Greenberg, Foxx, Grove, Appling, Gehringer etc - also quite a bit of Washington Senators and Griffith Stadium footage - ALL IN COLOR with my dad's narration - Mr. Griffith, Bucky Harris, Clyde Milan, FDR "throwing out the first ball", spring training in Orlando, many of my dad's teammates including Cecil Travis, Rick Ferrell, Walter Masterson, Buddy Meyer, Dutch Leonard - thought you might want to include this information on your Washington Senators web page - anyone interested in the DVD can send a check to me and I will mail the DVD:

George Case
350 Ramsey Rd
Yardley PA 19067

$42.95 including postage - approximately 45 minutes in length - there is also some footage at the end of the DVD of the most famous of all Washington sportswriters - Shirley Povich inducting my late father into the DC Hall of Stars in 1989.

Thank you

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"Mr. 3000" (Almost)

by Vance Garnett, Co-owner with William Kennick of Washingtonsenators.com and WashingtonNationals.US, etc.

Mr.3000, the movie released in October 2004 stars Bernie Mac as a major league ballplayer who retires only to discover that he is three hits shy of membership in the 3000 hit club. He then tried to get himself back in shape and return to bang out the needed three hits.

President Taft


Although the film is a fictional comedy, something similar happened to Washington outfielder Sam Rice (1915-1933).

Rice holds the dubious distinction of being the player with the most hits who is NOT in the 3000 club.

After his retirement it was learned that his total hits in the major leagues was 2987, just 13 short of the magic number. Washington ballclub owner, Clark Griffith invited Rice to return and play with the Senators 'till he racked up 13 more hits.

Rice thanked Griffith for the kind invitation, but he, didn't feel like going through the rigors of getting back into shape; and besides, by then Sam Rice was a successful chicken farmer in suburban Maryland.


Clark Griffith

Moe Berg, Catcher and Lawyer

Griffith Stadium

And one more thing, he did not feel that he had anything to prove. His record spoke for itself:

- 200 or more hits in each of six seasons.

- Lifetime batting average of .322

- American league record with 182 singles in 1925

- Led A.L .in hits with 216 in 1924 and 1926

- Led A.L. in putouts for outfielders with 454 in 1920 and 385 in 1922

- Led American League with 63 stolen bases in 1920

- Batted .349 at age 40

Oh, yes, and collected a total of 2987 hits.


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